Big Phat Phnom Penh Hat 2014

Cambodia's ultimate team, The Orphans, invites you to the Games of the VI annual Big Phat Phnom Penh Hat Tournament.  Last year was a royal good time, with days full of spirited and competitive Ultimate, free-flowing booze and, among other sideline events, a slip n’ slide layout contest that will be repeated this year.  Evidence of the Frisbee fun we offer can be found in photos on the Big Phat Hat Flickr page, and previous awards (that we can recall) are on our Hat Tournament page.

So stop putting off that trip to Cambodia you have planning and join us! This year's tournament and party theme in the Kingdom of Wonder is THE OLYMPICS.

Please complete this form (in addition to registering on to help us make the teams even.

When: March 8th and 9th, 2013.  Welcome party on Friday, March 7th.

Format: 8-10 teams battling it out over 2 days

Party Theme: Olympics

Cost: About $70

What you get for your registration fee: Jersey, hat, tons o’ free food & beer, two parties, disc, discounted transport to the field, and other cool stuff

Other costs: Visa (free for ASEAN members; $20 for others - visas can be secured upon entry)

Other benefits: Cheap lodging in town and quite possibly the time of your life.  

Comments or questions?  E-mail or comment on the Facebook event

See you on the fields!

BPPPH final wrap-up details 20 Mar 08:31

Hey phat hatters, I trust you have all recovered from our tourney by now (if you didn't repeat the madness in Boracay, that is). I have a few last announcements/requests:

1. Party photos needed. We are desperate for some quality photos from the Saturday night party at Equinox for a local...

BPPPH final wrap-up details 20 Mar 08:30

Hey phat hatters, I trust you have all recovered from our tourney by now (if you didn't repeat the madness in Boracay, that is). I have a few last announcements/requests:

1. Party photos needed. We are desperate for some quality photos from the Saturday night party at Equinox for a local...

Results/Medals Table 12 Mar 04:32

Announcing the final results of the 2014 Games of the VI Big Phat Phnom Penh Hat tournament:

1. Pirate Nation - 10 (7 golds)
2. Pakistan - 8 (6 golds)
3. Kazakhstan - 8 (4 golds)
4. Peru - 8 (1 gold)
5. Cyprus - 5 (3 golds)
6. Sri Lanka - 3 (1 gold)
6. Vatican City - 3 (1 gold)

Tourney Wrap 11 Mar 08:16

To all 2014 Phat Hatters,  

From the entire BPPPH team, THANK YOU for coming to the tournament this year and making it the phattest Phat Hat ever! I think we can all agree that you were the most fun, spirited, raucous and talented bunch ever to attend our tourney. Just a ludicrous weekend....

Schedule for Sunday 08 Mar 13:47

Hey all, great first day. Here is the schedule for the first two rounds of games Sunday morning. Kazakstan, El Salvador, Sri Lanka, Cyprus, Kenya and Pakistan have games at 8am. The other four teams have byes:

8:00 - 9:20 Q1: Kazakstan (B2) v El Salvador (A3) P1: Sri Lanka (A4) v Cyprus (B5) ...

Cattle trucks, start times 07 Mar 19:20

Hi all, sorry for late notice but if you're up early, note that first cattle trucks from Wat Langka leave around 6:50am. First games are at 8am: 
Pirate Nation v Kazakstan

Phat Hat Odds and Ends 04 Mar 10:10

Hi Phat Hatters!  

Just 3 days until the registration party and let me tell you we are getting psyched over here! Fields are being lined, names are being thrown into the hat, and we are just about ready to go. If you are a recent sign-up to the BPPPH, check out previous 'Announcements' at ...

Lodging guide 24 Feb 06:56

Hi BPPPH'ers, less than two weeks until first pull!  

Lodging guide to follow but let's start with the basics: 

We've said it before and we'll say it again: 1) If you have registered for the tournament but *can't* come, please please please make sure you unregister at...

BPPPH - get ready to rumble 27 Jan 15:26

Hello 2014 BPPPHers,

Sorry for the lack of communication on our end, we've been busy preparing for what promises to be the best BPPPH yet - The Games of the 6th Big Phat Phnom Penh Hat. The theme is Olympics, and I promise you that these games will be MUCH better than Sochi. We got podiums, we got...
Participants in gray rows are in the waiting list.
Name Gender
1. Greg (Greg Bloom) M
2. Fluffy (Tim Dodwell) M
3. Claire Duvallet F
4. Jared Cahners (Jared Cahners) M
5. Trissy Nguyen (Trissy Nguyen) F
6. Vu Anh Vu (vu vu) M
7. Rob (Rob Hawkins) M
8. Rainbow unicorn (Dan Friendly) M
9. Gaz (Gareth Cook) M
10. Piet (Piet Funnekotter) M
11. Nykhone (Nicholas Dupuy) M
12. Amore (Amaury Peeters) M
13. Max (Max Cady) M
14. soso (Sophoan Peou) F
15. Da (Chanda Cheng) M
16. Brydie (Brydie McMullan) F
17. Jojo (Eleanor Hart) F
18. Noah Markus (Noah Markus) M
19. Matt (Matthew Busch) M
20. Colm (Colm Downes) M
21. Sid (Siddhartha Rajagopalan) M
22. Courtney (Courtney Morris) M
23. Danny (Danny Marks) M
24. Perry (Perry Mandeville) M
25. ymac (Yvette Macabuag) F
26. Roxan (Roxy Santos) F
27. Donnie (Donnie Zoleta) M
28. MarcL (Marc Linnegar) M
29. Tank (Frank Shrope) M
30. Mike (Mike Dote) M
31. Ling (Linggom Perdana) M
32. Melson (Melson Rocafort) M
33. baji (Bryan James) M
34. christian (Renn Lumague) M
35. Vick (Vickay Pahilan) F
36. Macky (Macky Marquez-Peña) F
37. Tracy (Tracy Zheng) F
38. Roi (Roi Rosas) F
39. Roms (Roma Santos) F
40. Trina (Trina del Mundo) F
41. GuanHong (GuanHong Tan) M
42. Saeromi (Saeromi Hong) F
43. 박민지 (minji Park) F
44. Luan (Luan Jenkins) M
45. Cheryl (Cheryl Liza Luchana) F
46. Amir Moslim (Amir Moslim) M
47. Steve Loh Choon weng (Steve Loh) M
48. ee (eehuey lee) F
49. Kim (Flower Huang) M
50. Meg Hen (Meghan Henshall) F
51. vicki chan F
52. Dale Marshall F
53. Zach (Zach L) M
54. Meng (Pheach Sokmeng) M
55. JJ (Jin Jia Chew) M
56. Taiwan Dave (David Paulk) M
57. Abby (Abigail Gulla) F
58. Daniel (Daniel Agee) M
59. Kelvin (Kelvin Morgan) M
60. daniel axon (Dan Axon) M
61. Reachy (Sovannareach Yoeun) M
62. sovannak (Pang Sovannak) M
63. Yuth (Yoeun Phyuth) M
64. Heng (Heng Sok) M
65. Darouth (Mey Darouth) M
66. Dyno (Dinou Pich) M
67. Rachel Haig F
68. Rain (Rainier Nino Simeon) M
69. Li Yen (Li Yen Yeo) F
70. Joely the Goalie (Joel Ford) M
71. BIG AL (Al Sanchez) M
72. Sina Thorn F
73. Soklem Lay F
74. Sokan Oeun M
75. Sina Keo F
76. Sonita Kheav F
77. Limkorng Khorn M
78. Sokphal Sot M
79. Vanndy Khim M
80. Alex Tat (Alex Tat) M
81. Lucilla (Lucy Haurisa) F
82. Kris (Kris O'Brien) F
83. Newton (Mark Newton) M
84. Mitzi (Mitzi Canafranca) F
85. Dick (Richard Wei Kiat) M
86. Kate (Katharine Bagshaw) F
87. Aaron (Aaron Toronto) M
88. Johnny Weekend (Johnny Weekend) F
89. TP (Thomas Pineda) M
90. John (John Allen) M
91. Liz (Liz Johnk) F
92. The Brocness Monster (Broc Gross) M
93. Meg (Megan Mills-Novoa) F
94. Goose (Steve Gosselin) M
95. Amie (Amie Gosselin) F
96. Mad Max (Gordon Stewart) M
97. Brechtt (Brecht van der Laan) M
98. Ban (Esteban Aguel) M
99. Sean (Sean Nicholson) M
100. Rada (Rada Gucci) M
101. Febes (Alexander Febery) M
102. Dzm (Darko Molinar) M
103. Bonnie (Bonnie Loudon Coles) F
104. DTM (Thomas Costa) M
105. Bez (Berry Mulligan) M
106. John Shaw (John Shaw) M
107. Harry (Harry Luong) M
108. Isabel (Isabel Yannatos) F
109. Erica Lastufka F
110. dball (David Ball) M
111. Jack Luu (Vien Luu) M
112. Karsten (Karsten Cramer) M
113. Nadav (Nadav Atik) M
114. Brittany (Brittany Tam) F
115. Sam (Sam Oh) M
116. Bern (Bernard Huang) M
117. Alfie (Alfie Gonzales) M
118. Will (Will Oswald) M
119. I have one, but looking for someone to help make a new one for me ;) (Jess Daniels) F
120. Adawg (Alex Metter) F
121. Keo (Keogh Johnston) M
122. Henri (Henri Heikura) M
123. Veng Virak (Tharo Ja Lerm) M
124. Ra (Nara Tith) M
125. Tongly (Tongly Mak) M
126. JL (JL Ma) F
127. Ginga Ninja (Laura Dennis) F
128. Katey (Katey McDonald) F
129. Perrine (Perrine DA) F
130. mattwright (Matt Wright) M
131. Sivmey Sreng F
132. Sreyna Srauy F
133. Muoykea Hor F
134. Sokha Hon F
135. Gordon LaForge M
136. Steban (Stephen Wolff) M
137. Stew (Stew Motta) M
138. Clay (Clay Dewey-Valentine) M
139. Corinne Fournier F
140. Papa Bear (Carroll Moreton) M
141. Nate (Nate Rumple) M
142. GoneFar (Matthew Dolmont) M
143. Jim (James Richmond) M
144. Ojo (Owen Jones) M
145. Ponlok (Ty PunLok) M
146. Stripe (Ross Monasmith) M
147. Whelk (Kirsa Shelkey) F
148. Adrien (Adrien Stehly) M
149. Don Felipe (Don Felipe) M
150. esteban (esteban sonderman) M
151. TimO (Tim O'Rourke) M
152. Tomtom (Thomas Gabillet) M
153. Justin (Justin Boggs) M
154. Super Hsu (Super Hsu) M
155. Rudy (Rodolfo Salas) M